> Furniture Making - Pear and Walnut TV Cabinet

I made this under the tutilidge of Hans Koot in Renkum

Brass work in place in one of the side panels
Brass work
Front of foot
Close up of routing foot
Making the foot 'steps'
Cabinet frame dry assembled
Cabinet frame - dry assembled - side view
Base blocks on side panel
Base blocks on cross members
Base block
Base plate and cross members
Blocks for base plate
Walnut base cross members
Making the section for between the drawers
Walnut for cabinet base
Cabinet top with ends caps in place
Tenons on cabinet top
Cabinet top tenons
End caps, sawn to size and mortised
Mortising the end caps, using the slot mortise
End cap by cabinet top (with old planes used when shaping it)
Walnut end cap in profile
The pear wood cabinet top with nice markings
Walnut end caps for cabinet top
Pearwood Cabinet