> Furniture Making - Pear and Walnut TV Cabinet

I made this under the tutilidge of Hans Koot in Renkum

Left end details
Right end detail
Hand made drawers
Angled view
View from the side
The final cabinet
Drawer stops
Top fixings
Gauging where the top will sit
Detail of rebate to hide unmatched edges
Doors fitted
Knife Hinges Details
How it will look
Cupboard on foot
The walnut foot
Central Doors
Right Door
Left door
Clamps Off
The walnut foot
other end
End view
Central section to be fixed later
The big glue up
Solid Pear Drawer fronts
PTFE Runners
Varnished side panel 2
Side panel 1
Glued up side panels
Glueing in the drawer divider
Gerard offering helpful advice
Varnished the outer sides
Other side glued up
Gluing up side panels
Close up of filled area
Bronze and epoxy filler
Routed channel for cable
Close up of inside the drawer space
Drawer divider made for central section
Side shelves
Legs, cross members and shelves
Close up end hinge
Bottom cross member
Hinge fitted
Route hinge slots
Central Section
Central Doors
Brass work close up