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My general photos of things I've made and the construction photos of my Tool Cabinet

Ebony surround for plane plate
Hand cutting ebony mitres
Test fitting the planes and saws
Ebony plane dividers
Saw mounts from tiger maple
Small plane mounts again in Tiger Maple
Planes in their new mounts
Test fitting the plate
Hand cut mitred dovetail contruction (doors and cabinet)
Hand cut through tenons and dovetails
Dovetails (note half pins at the edges)
Cabinet back
Plane plate of Tool Cupboard
Veneering Bookcase sides with bird's eye maple
New Plane Brush ala DC!
Saws and makers plate
Dragon engraved hammer
Measuring tools
Drawer fronts
My new chisels
Detail of left side
Measuring tools
Detail of centre section
Left hand side -Full view
Right Hand Side - Full View
Full View
Klaarsjes Chair
Klaarsjes Chair
Hall mirror
Tim Stead 'corset' chair next to a copy I made for Femke
These are the bookcases I'm making
Left hand side of Tool Cabinet
My Tool Cabinet
Femke's Lamp
Shelf support
The upper shelf
Femke's Bed
Footboard of the bed